The adventures of a radical environmentalist

Un ami de la terre (a friend of earth) by TC Boyle.Translated from English (United States) by Robert Pépin, Grasset, 396 p., 139 F (21.19 EURO).

On December 18, 1999, Julia "Butterfly" Hill descended from her tree.For two years, she had camped 55 meters high, on a redwood, in order to prevent loggers in northern California from cutting her down.les cimes was a spectacular episode in one of the most bitter battles in American ecology, aimed at saving the last primary forests of the United States.It is part of a branch of ecology that advocates direct intervention to try to prevent the destruction of the environment: its inspirer is the writer Edward Abbey (1927—1989, Solitary Desert), its promoter the movement Earth first! (The Earth first!), Founded in 1980 by David Foreman.It is this setting that T.Coraghessan Boyle transfers to write a poignant and breathless novel, which is also a pessimistic plea in favor of radical ecology.

Tyrone Tierwater - Ty - is a former activist, and in 2025, in a half-ruined America, battered by incessant rains and where wild animals have disappeared, he is a seventy-five year old still green charged with guarding, in the property of an eccentric rock star, a few lions and hyenas who survived the massacre.In this futuristic tale of climate change making the West pay its ecological debt, Boyle interweaves the narration of Ty's life: in 1989, he became an "eco-terrorist", sabotaging the machines of forestry companies or electric companies which destroy the environment.The adventures multiply, leading the hero of a hallucinating scene, where he is caught in the cement in the face of a bulldozer, the resistance of his daughter perched on top of a redwood tree besieged by helicopters, through a dive into nature, naked and without tools, which turns into a nightmare.detail a story that is first and foremost a real pleasure to read.

Posted Date: 2020-12-25

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